I resolve not to be a mollusk. Nor a piece of blotting paper.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with an amazing team of volunteer researchers to dig through the archives of Toronto’s Bureau of Municipal Research.

We’ve found some amazing material from the BMR, who describe themselves as “An independent fact-finding organisation reporting to the public on civic affairs”.

Here’s one of my favorites finds so far!  From January 1921, here is a proposed list of New Year’s resolutions – for both Citizens and Councillors.

“Would the adoption of some of the following New Year’s Resolutions make for More Effective Civic Administration?”

Page 1 • Click for larger image

Page 2 • Click for larger image


4 responses to “I resolve not to be a mollusk. Nor a piece of blotting paper.

  1. It’s amazing how even in the electronic age, these resolutions are just as relevant. Keep this for the next election and request that all candidates sign.

  2. Very cool. I agree with Roy that these are still as relevant as ever – even if the language is a bit stale. Time for a 2011 refresh?

  3. May this be the equivalent of a City Councillor’s Hippocratic oath. The language is a little archaic, but it carries a clarity that we’ve lost when we switched to incoherent “legalese”. Funny example, but the Innkeeper’s Act of Ontario that is in effect still talks about horses and carriages, no? I say, just change the date.

  4. Citizens and Councillors need to say they will adhere to these ‘promises’ of conduct. They are still valid. I shuddered a bit at the realization of how these are so easily violated in current politics. May be a reason for such poor election turnouts.

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