VIDEOS: Tales from the Twin Cities

A few weeks ago, I drove for 16 hours to Minneapolis along with two other volunteers from the RaBIT campaign: Sarah Rimmington and Chloe Doesburg.

We spent one week documenting and researching their municipal election.  A new City Council was elected – using a ranked ballot!!

After 40 years on this planet, I’d finally witnessed an actual fair election.  There were no distorted results, negative campaigns or ‘vote splitting’  – the hallmarks of a Toronto election.  They elected a female mayor, 46% female council, as well as their first Somali Councillor, first Latino Councillor and first Hmong Councillor.  It was a breath of fresh air, compared to what I’m used to.


Here are three videos I’ve edited, from the footage that the three of us shot on streets of Minneapolis:

1) “What do voters say about ranked ballots?”  We asked voters what they thought, as they exited the polling stations.  Was the ballot complicated?  Easy to use?  Do you like ranked choice voting?  Did it change the way candidates behaved?

2) “FairVote Minnesota: Outreach & Education about Ranked Choice Voting!”  A snapshot of the amazing on-the-ground team from FairVote Minnesota, explaining to voters how to use a ranked ballot, and why ranked ballots are amazing.

3) “The Magnificent Minneapolis Election Team”.  City Clerk Casey Carl, and his team of vote tabulators!  It was great to watch the round-by-round vote tabulation.  : )


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