City Hall: Now Welcoming Women

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about the lack of gender balance at City Hall.  I included a group photo of City Council’s Committee Chairs:

City Hall

Yes, they’re all men.

But, since that blog post, things have changed at City Hall.  As of this month, there will now be one female Committee Chair at City Hall.  Jaye Robinson has been appointed chair of the Community Development and Recreation Committee, bringing the number of female Chairs on the Executive Committee up from 0% to 14%.

In honour of this breakthrough, I thought I’d reappropriate a recent (odd) marketing campaign from Mark’s Work Warehouse and design our own ad for Toronto:


click for full-size image


PS: If you’re interested in boosting representation at City Hall, here are some groups working on democratic renewal and political accessibility:



4 responses to “City Hall: Now Welcoming Women

  1. People like to talk about equality but then they always like to divide people based on gender. I don’t vote for someone just because they are male, just like a person should not become the chair of an important commitee just because they are female.

  2. *Golf clap*

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  4. and its back to 0. sad face.

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