Crowd Funding: Help bring the Fourth Wall exhibit to life!

Six months ago, the Fourth Wall exhibit was installed at the Urbanspace Gallery for a successful three month visit.  The exhibit explores 36 proposals aimed at transforming our local democracy.  At the end of January, the exhibit was removed from the walls of the gallery, and we’ve been trying to figure out how to bring it back to life in other formats.

Plans are underway for a Fourth Wall website, and also for a Fourth Wall tour.  In fact, the exhibit has already traveled to Havergal College for week-long installation, spent three days at Museum London, and as of yesterday the exhibit has been installed in London City Hall!  Future installations are planned for Toronto City Hall and other locations across the province.

We’re asking for community support, to help make the website and the tour happen.  The website would allow us to make the exhibit the content universally accessible with online videos, PDFs of the entire show, tour dates, resource links, etc.

We hope you’ll consider making a small contribution today.  Every small amount helps.  Thank you!!


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