This ain’t no trolley

This week, City Council will be debating and voting on what type of transit to use on Sheppard Ave East.  An expert panel has recommended “Light Rail Transit”, commonly known as LRT.  Others are advocating for an underground subway.

There are merits to both points of view, but the first step towards choosing the right system is to get beyond the rhetoric.  Some of those who support subways, have been referring to LRTs as “streetcars” or “trolleys”.  This is a misleading tactic, designed to confuse voters.  I’ve selected a dozen videos, from around the world, showing that LRTS can be fast, comfortable and high-capacity.  This ain’t no trolley:


5 responses to “This ain’t no trolley

  1. Here’s a great time-lapse tour of Los Angeles’ Gold Line LRT I saw the other night:

  2. Don’t need to go that far a field, Calgary & Edmonton have had em for 25+ years. Heck even Buffalo has one!

  3. An LRT can completely transform a street, especially if you get rid of the cars altogether for some stretches, and extend the sidewalks. It integrates the shops, sidewalks, cafes, and creates lively vibrant neighbourhood streets.
    Requires people to get out of the mindset that “streets are for cars”.

  4. Google Map image of LRT train in Nice, France. This image is on the surface of the main shopping street.

  5. Even New York City is apparently getting into the act:

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