‘Art Trains’ coming to Toronto

This is my last blog post of 2011, and I’m going to finish off the year with an inspiring Good News story.  I just heard about the ‘Art Train’ project last week, and I think it’s such an amazing example of what is possible in Toronto when creative minds come together.

Remember the Art Bike project last summer?  A couple of artists from OCAD painted an abandoned bicycle hot pink, and then stirred up a storm of controversy when the City asked them to remove the bike.

Two weeks later, City Council voted in favour of supporting the artists and allowing them to install seventy neon ‘art bikes’ all across Toronto.

Now, inspired by the success of the Art Bike project, the TTC has announced the Art Train project.  The idea is simple: abandoned LRT trains will be placed across the City, painted in bright neon colours. The sites will be located along the cancelled routes of  Transit City.

Art Train at Jane & Finch

A spokesperson from the TTC explains: “the idea is to use the coloured trains to identify sites in the city that promote the ethos of regeneration and creativity and community”.

Don Mills, near Science Centre and Flemingdon Park

For those who’ve been complaining for years that the TTC has no sense of creativity, here is the answer to your prayers.  Let’s all hope for a creative and innovative year in 2012!  The Art Train project is a good sign of what lies ahead for Toronto.

Morningside & Kingston Rd, near U of T Scarborough campus


4 responses to “‘Art Trains’ coming to Toronto

  1. The sad irony is how this resembles one of the ideas from the design review panel for the LRVs that I sat on (although it didn’t have a lot of effect). The scheme was to dedicate say 12 cars to get total wraps that would be commissioned artworks rather than advertising, and to change out the art at the rate of about one car a month. With the penny-pinching crew at the TTC, this is highly unlikely even if we did get a sponsor for the project.

  2. Steve – for the past 3 years at Arts Etobicoke we have been doing your idea!
    it’s called Art on the Move and we have wrapped 13 vehicles ( including 1 boat) with original artwork designed by community groups (of all ages) working in collaboration with artists. http://www.artonthemove.ca tried to get the TTC on board – so far no success, but perhaps there’s hope!

  3. Abandoned LRT trains is a lovely, poingnant idea – being reminded with art of what we have lost. I hope it keeps reminding us until we take Toronto back from the dinosaurs who think they are still in the 1950’s.

  4. In Tokyo there is an old train car parked right outside Shibuya station (that’s the crazy busy one that you often see in films with the massive crosswalk that gets crowded by thousands of people every time the light changes). The train car is a museum, open to the public for free and gives insight into how much the area has changed over the past 100 years through photos. It’s amazing and a great place to check out while waiting for your friends.

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