City Councillors standing up for fair & friendly elections!

Last year, just before the municipal election, I launched the Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto (RaBIT) with a group of colleagues and friends.  Now, a year later, we’ve got great momentum, and the support of City Councillors from across the political spectrum.

Today we just announced our first ten official endorsements from City Council, and there will surely be more to come in the New Year!

Runoff voting eliminates ‘vote-splitting’ and ‘strategic voting’.  This allows more people to run, it allows voters to vote with their heart, it encourages positive campaigns, and it ensures majority support of the winner.

Here’s our first ten supporters from Toronto City Council:

RaBIT endorsers: City Councillors Sarah Doucette, Josh Colle, Jaye Robinson, Paul Ainslie, Kristyn Wong-Tam, Shelley Carroll, Joe Mihevc, Mary-Margaret McMahon, Josh Matlow, Janet Davis & Adam Vaughan.

To get involved with our campaign, sign up for our newsletter on the RaBIT website.  Hop to it!!


One response to “City Councillors standing up for fair & friendly elections!

  1. Councillor Perks,

    When I look South to the United States I can’t help but feel their electoral system could use some tweaking yet Americans cling to an outdated century-old system that seems untouchable to reform. Before I get too smug I realize that we Canadians aren’t much better. Electoral reform is a big issue for me but I’m slowly coming around to realize that the electorate is nervous about changing the first past the post system primarily because the alternatives are a little more complicated. I believe that a “lower stakes” shift is needed for people to warm to the idea. Dave Meslin (community activist) has been proposing a “small, simple change that would make Toronto’s elections more fair”. Many Councillors and community leaders have endorsed this change but I see you aren’t one of them. I’m curious why not? Do you think the proposition goes too far or not far enough? Perhaps you think our system is as fair as it can be. I’m curious to hear your views.

    Joel Freeman

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