Location, location, location!! Strategic Placement of LED Bilboards

I’ve written a couple of of blog posts recently that are critical of the Monster LED Billboards that have been proposed for Toronto’s highways and residential neighbourhoods.

I don’t like to always be negative, so I’m going to write something positive today:

I want to congratulate City Staff, Allvision &  CN Rail for choosing some good locations for the new proposed video boards.  In particular, I’m a big fan of the locations that are being placed close to hospitals.  As we know,  these Monster LED Billboards will likely increase collision rates on our roads and highways, leading to personal injuries  – which could be life-threatening.  Therefore, I must say that it’s quite forward-thinking, creative, and resourceful for them to propose placement near hospitals.

We’ve got one location less than a mile from the Westcare HealthCare Centre.   This is a wise choice.  And two signs are located about a mile from Sunnybrook Hospital.  Again, this is a smart idea, and will be much appreciated by anyone who is suffering from major trauma as a result of visual distraction.  SunnyBrook has the largest trauma centre in Canada. I suppose the nearby Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital will also be convenient for any children who need ongoing support.

But their best choice, by far, are the two Monster screens located at the 401 and Leslie.  These signs are mere steps from the North York General Hospital.  I know this building well.  I used to visit my grandmother there, years ago, when she was still with us.  And I have two nephews who were born there.  It’s a wonderful institution, and a great choice for City Staff and Allvision to consider as a support facility for their Monster LED Billboards.

These are the kind of innovative solutions, that can make this city work.


3 responses to “Location, location, location!! Strategic Placement of LED Bilboards

  1. just be careful when eating your xmass dinner (if you have such a thing), to avoid getting things stuck in your cheek [tongues for example].
    and, in a less positive note, i came upon an ‘Astral’ van parked backward on Harbord St. in the north side bikeLane servicing an info pillar! [can’t believe i didn’t think to get a photo, grr.]

  2. To provide a comment at the public meeting, is pre-registration required?

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