Five Weeks at Fourth Wall • Adapting to the life of a tour guide (photo gallery)

It’s been just over a month since the Fourth Wall exhibit launched at the Urban Space Gallery, and I can’t tell you how inspired and amazed I am by the public response.  I knew that a handful of municipal geeks would be into it, and some long-time urban activists… but I didn’t expect a non-stop flow of students, civil servants, politicians, journalists, etc.

I’ve been leading tours through the exhibit, almost daily.  And each group brings with them a different point of view and different suggestions/questions.  And no matter what their age, or background, or career, they all seem genuinely interested in the subject matter – even the students who are forced to be there!

All of this simply proves the thesis of the exhibit which is that people are passionate about their city, and feel excluded from the processes that shape it.  When they hear about the idea of actively ‘participating’ in city-building, they get excited and interested.

In the meantime, I’m easing into my new life as a Gallery Tour Guide as well as the unexpected role of Gallery Maintenance Director, which includes changing light bulbs, re-stocking pens and stickers, repairing damaged panels, etc…

I’m having a great time, and want to thank everyone who has dropped by, and all the great folks at UrbanSpace for hosting the exhibit!

Here are photos of some of the visitors we’ve seen so far at the exhibit:

Toronto City Clerk, Uli Watkis

Uli Watkis,  John Elvidge (Director Secretariat) with other City Directors and staff.

Civil servants from Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

City Councillor Paul Ainslie (endorsed 24 recommendations)

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

City Councillor Joe Mihevc and his team (endorsed 34 recommendations)

City Councillor Jaye Robinson (endorsed 30 recommendations)

City Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon (endorsed 34 recommendations)

Metro Morning’s Matt Galloway (with some other dude)

Students from Toronto in Transition course at George Brown, with teacher Frederick Knittel

7 responses to “Five Weeks at Fourth Wall • Adapting to the life of a tour guide (photo gallery)

  1. Great exhibit! Fantastic way to engage in policy issues. Thank you for being a wonderful host.

  2. I just returned from a visit to the exhibit, great work Dave!!!

  3. dave you are the magician of engagement

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