Monster LED Boards • Public Consultation December 14 at City Hall

Two months ago I wrote the following:

When Dundas Square was proposed, and public concern was raised about the proliferation of annoying LED billboards in the city we were told not to worry.  “This is ONLY for Dundas Square”, we were told.  “We won’t allow huge electronic billboards in other areas of the city”.

Well, guess what?  Once again, the incremental intrusion of the Outdoor Advertising industry is about to take a huge leap forward – and it’s NOT in Dundas Square.

A report is going to the Planning and Growth Management Committee at City Hall tomorrow, proposing SEVENTEEN new LED screens in Toronto, at ten locations.  These locations include many residential areas – including the neighbourhood I grew up in – York Mills and Leslie.

The next day, a small group of citizens went to City Hall and spoke to the Planning and Growth Management Committee, asking for the opportunity for proper community consultation.  The Committee agreed, and a public meeting has been set-up.  This is your chance to speak out against the growing commercialization of our public spaces.  Please write this in your calendar:

Monster LED Boards – Public Consultation
Wednesday December 14th, at Toronto City Hall
6:30 to 9:30pm

Additional information: Sign Bylaw Unit

The billboard industry will argue that this proposal will result in a net reduction in signage.  This is not true.  The new signs are much much more intrusive, brighter, and larger than anything we’ve ever seen in these neighbourhoods.  Advertising is not measured in square feet alone.  It’s measured by effectiveness, obtrusiveness, brightness, etc.  There is no gain for residents in this proposal.  Most of us have learned how to ignore or ‘tune out’ the old paper billboards.  But the new LED Boards are impossible to ignore, as they flash their ads on our streets, and into residential windows.

We also have clear data showing that LED Billboards are dangerous for drivers, and they consume an enormous amount of electricity – 24 hours a day.  More details to come…

Be heard.  Hope to see you on Dec 14.

These are the neighbourhoods that will be affected:

Kipling Ave (near Belfield Road)

Lawrence W (near Weston Road)

York Mills (near Leslie Street) Two LED boards

Leslie St (near 401) Two LED boards

Victoria Park (near Gerrard)

Eglinton E (near Bellamy) Two LED boards

Steeles W (near Alness) Two LED boards

Gardiner Expressway (near Atlantic Avenue) Six LED boards


3 responses to “Monster LED Boards • Public Consultation December 14 at City Hall

  1. Martha Arbuthnot

    Sorry I can’t be at the meeting. I work in Mississauga over 25km away from downtown TO and I can easily see the Dundas Square lights from my 14th floor office window. I can’t even imagine the glare of oneof these signs directly in my home. These things are a menace and a health issue since they will have an impact on one’s ability to darken sleeping space.

  2. Dave, thanks for your vigilance on this matter. Here in Weston most residents would never have known about this without your posting.

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