Ten simple reasons to join the bike union

10) For those who ride bikes, we know how dangerous our streets feel each day.  Only with a unified voice can we create safe space and transform the city.

9) It only costs $2.50 per month.  Is your health and safety worth the price?

8) Starting last week, bike lanes were being removed by constructions crews on Pharmacy and Birchmount – against the advice of city staff. Jarvis is the next scheduled removal.

7) 2011 was the first year in the history of Toronto to see a net LOSS of on-street bike lanes.  Let’s make it the the last.

6) Being pro-bike, doesn’t mean you’re anti-car.  It just means that you believe in shared roads, and you’re willing to work towards that goal.

5) Lack of bicycle infrastructure can be deadly.  Just this week, a young cyclist was killed in Ottawa after being doored. Bike lanes save lives.

4) Bike lanes also encourage more people to ride.  And more cyclists make the road safer for everyone.

3) The bike union is only a few years old, but has already attracted over 1,000 members and has made a real difference in TO. You can be a part of that change.

2) Bikes are fun, sexy, fast, green and have great fuel efficiency.  Let’s get more of them on the road!

1) Change doesn’t happen by itself.  It happens when people stand up, together. If you believe in shared, safe streets and a green city, then join the bike union.

Did I mention it’s only $2.50 per month?

Safe riding, everyone!
~ dave


3 responses to “Ten simple reasons to join the bike union

  1. I already bike and I already know all the anti-cycling city counsil stuff going on… This list was more about that than about reasons for the bike union… What’s the point? What does the money go towards?

  2. To Z:
    As far as I know the membership money supports one employee, the Executive Director (maybe more but I don’t know) who promotes and meets with Ward Cycle clubs who can then lobby their Ward councillor for improved cycling infrastructure in their ward. ‘Ward 29 Bikes’ last year proposed a bike lane plan for the Viaduct over the Don Valley (Bloor to Danforth) and it has been implemented and didn’t cost the city much. I know that the Exec. Director attends as many pro-cycling meetings as possible and also liaises with City staff who are responsible for improving cycling infrastructure. That person also sends out emails to members when it is helpful for us to send emails to our councillors regarding support for cycling infrastructure. The more members we have, the more powerful will be our lobby to individual councillors and to the City Council as a whole. If we are large enough we cannot be ignored.

  3. I love and respect cyclists, however it goes both ways, eh?

    There are rules to the road which many cyclists ignore, like stop streets, traffic lights, riding on sidewalks and helmets. If there is a safe way for cyclists to exist in TO, I’d be the first to welcome it, but as much as cyclists are tormented by cars, I find cyclists torment pedestrians in the downtown core too often.

    I also suspect the City will bring in licensing cyclists as a means for paying for the bike lanes, etc. It’s revenue.

    Good luck. And don’t forget it isn’t just the current administration that balked at making a safe TO. I would place all administrations at fault.

    Just my thoughts.

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