Mike at the Mic: Full endorsement list (2011)

Here’s the growing list of ‘non-Green’ endorsements for fair debates in Ontario.

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Download the statement here.
Add YOUR endorsement at the bottom.

Alice Klein, NOW Magazine.

Andrea Moffat, Former NDP Candidate

Anita Agrawal, Former NDP Candidate

B. Ross Ashley, Executive member of St Paul’s NDP.

Brad Worthington, Conservative

Brendan Best, NDP

Debbie Black, NDP

Edward Nixon, Liberal

Erin Shapero, Former Markham Councillor

Glenda McElwain, fomer NDP Riding Association President (B-E-Y)

Jennifer Ross, Liberal (Federal Board Member, Kitchener-Waterloo)

Jonah Schein, NDP Candidate in Davenport

Josh Matlow, Toronto City Councillor

Jude MacDonald, NDP

Judy Rebick

Khalid Ahmed, NDP candidate in Don Valley West

Kate Hollaway, Former Liberal Candidate

Kim Fry, Former NDP candidate

Kristin Jones, Liberal volunteer

Martha Hall Findlay, Former Liberal MP

Mary Margaret McMahon, Toronto City Councillor

Michael Laxer, NDP

Michael Nadler, Conservative

Michelle Langlois, NDP

Michelle Treacy, non-partisan.

Monika Malka, NDP

Nancy Coldham, Director of Canadian Women Voters

Rick Telfer, NDP

Robert Janiga, NDP

Rosario Marchese, NDP MPP

Rowena Santos, NDP

Samuel Getachew, non-partisan

Sarah Campbell, NDP

Sarah Thomson, Liberal Candidate in Trinity-Spadina

Steven J Crowshoe, Liberal

Tanya Speight, NDP

Tom Lafferty, Belleville City Councillor

Tonya Surman, non-partisan

Theresa Lubowitz, Liberal

Trish Starling, NDP

Violetta Ilkiw, non-partisan

Wayne Roberts, Non-Partisan

William Molls, Former NDP Candidate

And…. you?

If you want to endorse the statement, please send me your name and your party affiliation.  You can do it below in the comments, or on the Facebook page.  Thnx!


43 responses to “Mike at the Mic: Full endorsement list (2011)

  1. Jonah Schein, NDP Candidate, Davenport

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  3. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony, CEO, Green Party of Canada, Willowdale

  4. Roberto Garcia, orange/green voter, Davenport riding

  5. Please add my name – orange/green voter

  6. Liberal voter and volunteer. Definitely in favour of the Green Party being included at debates, and anything that promotes democracy and inspires people to vote and get involved.

  7. Glenda McElwain- fomer Beaches East York NDP RIding Association President (2005-2006).

  8. Please add my name! NDP party member. Former Green Party member.

  9. You can add my name to the list … NDP party member.

  10. Add me. Executive member of St Paul’s NDP, steering committee member of the NDP Socialist Caucus (ID only, of course).

  11. Please add my name: Amanda Peet, UofT physics professor and Green party member

  12. Ashley Drake non-partisan

  13. Samuel Getachew – City Council candidate 2010 Scarborough Ward 43

  14. Mark Connery, no party affiliation

  15. Add my name NDP member. One time Ontario PC member.

  16. Barry Dutton – Oshawa City Council Candidate- 2010 Municipal Election, and Licensed Realtor since 1991. “Let them all speak” – it only makes sense in a democratic society!!

  17. Trish Starling, NDP member

  18. Ceta Ramkhalawansingh

    Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, independent

  19. Martin Collier, Fan of Democracy and New Green Ideas

  20. of course I endorse!

  21. Absolutely need Mike there!
    Thea Kurdi, Green Party

  22. miroslavloveswp

    Miroslav Glavic, Independent, Former Liberal member (both OLP and LPC).

    I fully endorse the idea of having the 4 top party leaders at debates.

  23. No debate without all the candidates of the 4 major parties=Liberals, PC, Greens and NDP.

  24. Mehdi Mollahasani, Former Federal New Democratic Candidate in Willowdale. Thanks Meslin

  25. canadianvoterorg

    Canadian Voter as an organization endorses this campaign and supports the inclusion of Mike Schreiner in the Ontario provincial election debates.

  26. Chris MacLean, no affiliation

  27. Keeping the Green Party out shows that they don’t want new ideas or new players.

  28. What thinking voter would NOT support inclusion??

    • Answer: Those who are both opportunistic and grossly partisan. And/or those who have an old-fashioned, biblical, sense of politics. Democracy as ‘battle’, survival of the fittest, no holds barred, etc…

  29. Peter Davis–Independent for Kitchener Waterloo

  30. Lauren Baker
    Toronto Food Policy Council

  31. In full support of all voices being heard. Excluding opinions seldom benefits voters. – Patrick Smith, Business Professor and Campaign Worker

  32. Arlene Clement, NDP party member

  33. Patti Chmelyk Please add my name.

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