The Greens deserve to be heard. Show your support!

I’ve never voted for the Green Party, but I strongly support their right to be heard in our leaders’ debates. There is no political issue more important to me than the democratic process itself and that’s why I spent some time today designing these graphics that you can use as your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter.

If you feel that this exclusion is unfair, undemocratic and un-Canadian, please take this small step and make your support visible!

For your convenience and pleasure, I offer you eight colours to choose from:

The debate is in six days.  We can make this happen if we all stand up and voice our opinion.  Change your profile pic, and consider attending one of the rallies being held across Canada.

Liberals, New Democrats and Tories!  This is for you too.  Don’t let your partisanship get in the way of democracy.  It’s time to speak up for fairness.


One response to “The Greens deserve to be heard. Show your support!

  1. If we’re going to have a debate that is respectful to democracy, then it would be wrong for someone with Stephen Harper’s track record to be invited.

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