Trinity Bellwoods • Kite’s eye view

I was at a kite festival in Port Colborne a few weeks ago, and I bought a tiny keychain video camera from a nice fellow named Matt Black.  Matt’s with the  Wind Climbers club (Cambridge) and the Renegade Strings club (Guelph).

The camera is so small and light that you can attach it to a kite and get amazing aerial shots of the city that are impossible to get any other way.  I got a simple and stable kite from Gary Mark (Toronto Kite Fliers) and tried out my new camera at Trinity Bellwoods Park.  (I just taped the camera to the keel, with one piece of duct tape).

These are pics from my first attempt.  I took 30 minutes of video, and pulled these frames out using Quicktime and screenshots.  (The video is too shaky to post.  I’m working on stabilization techniques…).

The shots are angled downwards and to the east (overlooking Gorevale, Bellwoods, Claremond, Manning, etc) and south east, overlooking the downtown core.


Kites are amazing.  Join us at WindFest, on October 2nd, to see more!

(These photos , and a few others are also posted as a Facebook album, if you’d like to share).


7 responses to “Trinity Bellwoods • Kite’s eye view

  1. I like the dog one.

  2. Very few people know this, but Trinity Bellwoods park was named for the two families, the Bell and the Woods families…sister and brother, who lived in Parkdale when that’s where all the rich folks lived (they built Rosedale for their kids) and deeded the land to the city in perpetuity as a park. A nearby street was named for Mr. A. Bell (Abell Street, natch!), which the streetcar announcer got wrong (she pronounces it Able Street). Mr. Bell was a senior civil servant with the municipal government. The Trinity part has to do with a later school development on the property. The Woods family lived on Dunn Avenue second house south of King Street on the West side. The last of the family living there was daughter (or maybe grand-daughter?) Geraldine Victoria Woods, a spinster optometrist, who had her business offices built into the house. Geraldine moved to a house on the lakeshore in Mimico, lived into her 80’s, and passed away in the 1980’s.

  3. Oh, and -uh- OK…I’ll have to try to remember that yelling at you to “go fly a kite” at any time in the future would have zero of the effect on you I’d intended! :-)

  4. That dog is my facebook friend. Her name is Fancy. She is wonderful.

  5. These are really cool. Neat idea. My fave was the dog as well, it’s like he knew he was getting his photo taken!

  6. I imagine this is what Toronto would look like to a superhero flying around trying to make sure everything is A-OK in the park.

  7. Do you still need a kite license? When your flying the kite in there?

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