Sunday Snapsot • New and improved! • August 1st

Here’s the August 1st election ‘snapshot’,  a monthly look at how municipal candidates are distributed across our grand city.

I’ve added a new feature: a map showing the status of incumbent Councillors.  This helps explain the candidate distribution. Often, wards without an incumbent tend to attract more candidates.  Although this doesn’t always work out. For example, Michael Walker is retiring from Council but his Ward only has 3 candidates.  Meanwhile, some incumbents (Parker, Di Giorgio, Perks, Heaps..)  are running for re-election against a long list of challengers. (Sadly, without run-off voting it’s near to impossible to beat an incumbent).

There are over 50 new candidates since the last snapshot, with most of the growth in the west end (Etobicoke & York).  Etobicoke got off to a very slow start, but has caught up with the rest of the city.

Ward 27 (Kyle Rae) still has the most candidates, at 14.

Nominations are still open for over a month.

Here’s a map of the ward numbers, to help you navigate.  (Click on the map to find out which ward you live in.):

Click here to see a list of all candidates, by Ward.

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