A bad day to be Goth in Toronto

“Hey, why are we in jail?”

“I think they thought we were anarchists.”

“Bill, I think they said something about your Black Blog.”

“Really?  I didn’t think anyone read my blog.”

“Well, now you know.  Thanks for getting us arrested.”



Canadian Civil Liberties Association (“CCLA denounces the sweeping arrests at G20”)
Toronto Community Mobilisation Network
Police Twitter feed
Rally planned for Monday June 28 at Police HQ


2 responses to “A bad day to be Goth in Toronto

  1. Anyone see the irony that ‘Black Bloc’ anarchists wear black as do Toronto Police? As do many people who suffer depression. How does targetting people in black make any sense at all ?

  2. Sent to the CCLA June 28th, re the upcoming report on police actions at the G20 protest activities:

    Clearly, the CCLA carefully monitored police actions as they impacted the civil rights of those involved in protest actions at the G20 and others in conjunction with that protest. Well done!

    Equally, of course the Police carefully monitored with video coverage and corroborated written reports the protest actions of those involved in the civic rights activities around the G20, including detailed reports especially concerning any arrests made due to having to substantiate the bases around which those arrests were conducted in later court cases. I’m certain that the CCLA has received the Police report and included it in creating the upcoming report on the treatment of those arrested during the G20 protest activities.

    I think that both sets of activity monitoring together will add up to a useful report, both giving Police future guidance in what to be more careful of in respect to their actions regarding civil rights and to protesters in how to assist Police in assuring that civic protests are carried out effectively and peacefully without the incursion of infiltrators there to incite violent and unlawful acts.

    I hope you agree that one published without the other in order to give a full picture of the events leading up to arrests made during the G20 protest activities will not give interested parties a full or valid report of what occurred; and that your statement, in case you have not yet received the full police report, will preface that expectation.

    If anyone were to be interested in presenting me a report specifically regarding the arrests, the occurrences leading up to the arrests, mistaken arrests, and impropriate behaviours by either protesters or police during those incidents, both substantiated points of view would have to be included.

    But I guess it depends upon who one’s audience is expected to be. I’m not your average audience because I want intelligently-prepared reports.

    Otherwise, why would I be interested in reading them, unless I was
    • somehow rubbernecking vicariously or
    • willing to be rabble-roused by a one-sided viewpoint,
    as would be the case with most readers of an incomplete report?

    Mark State
    2010 Toronto Mayoralty Candidate

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