Sunday Snapshot • April 18

Here’s the April 18 election snapshot,  a weekly look at how municipal candidates are distributed across our grand city.

Three new candidates registered this week, in wards 2, 4 & 13.  Ward 2 is the district that has been vacated by Rob Ford, who is running for Mayor. Curiously, there are only two people now running in ward 2, whereas most of the other ’empty’ seats are heavily contested, such as Kyle Rae’s ward 27 (13 candidates), Joe Pantalone’s ward 19 (8 candidates) and Giorgio Mammoliti’s ward 7 (7 candidiates).

Here’s a map of the ward numbers, to help you navigate.  (Click on the map to find out which ward you live in.):

Click here to see a list of all candidates, by Ward.


One response to “Sunday Snapshot • April 18

  1. Mez,

    Have you been tracking the mayoral Candidates week-by-week as well ?

    If you decided to simply list that number as well, perhaps around the colour bars it would be a more complete historical record.

    HiMY SYeD

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