Sunday Snapshot • February 7

Here’s the February 7 election snapshot.  A weekly look at how municipal candidates are distributed across our grand city.

10 new candidates registered this week.  Four wards remain vacant, and 13 have only one candidate. The 2 highest numbers are in wards where a sitting Councillor has stepped down (7 in Rae’s ward, and 6 in Mammoliti’s) and third place goes to Ward 35 where 4 challengers have registered to run in addition to incumbent Adrian Heaps. Etobicoke remains the most disengaged region.

Here’s a map of the ward numbers, to help you navigate.  (Click on the map to find out which ward you live in.):

Click here to see a list of all candidates, by Ward.


One response to “Sunday Snapshot • February 7

  1. ‘The colours on the map are dripping’

    — Sir Bob Geldoff

    Having lived in Etobicoke as a child and re-connecting/speaking with some of my now older former neighbours this past summer, the surprise was how much they identify with points west rather than downtown T.O., North York and distant Scarborough.

    They’ll drive to Sherway Gardens and more often to Square One to shop. They may work in Oakville and commute. And so forth.

    If the numbers of declared candidates in Etobicoke and Peel region were mapped, the colours would drip less.

    HiMY SYeD

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