Sunday Snapshot • January 31

Here’s the Jan 31 election snapshot.  A weekly look at how municipal candidates are distributed across our grand city.  As of this week, there are still four vacant wards, and 16 acclamations (mostly concentrated in North York and Etobicoke).  You can expect a jump this week in ward 18, as candidates will line up to replace Adam Gimabrone, who is launching his mayoral campaign tomorrow.

Here’s a map of the ward numbers, to help you navigate.  (Click on the map to find out which ward you live in.):

Click here to see a list of all candidates, by Ward.


3 responses to “Sunday Snapshot • January 31

  1. Many in ward 18 Davenport expect Adam Giambrone to jump back into the Council Race come september.

    Time will tell the colours of the map in 40 weeks.

  2. Whatcha think of Giambrone’s run at mayor? I mean, if you think you can do it, then I think everyone should run.

  3. Hopefully he will not, just like Joe Pants. If you are going to go into the race, hopefully you will stay till the finish line.

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