Rossi City

Realising the progressive urban vote was being split too many ways, mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi took a dive to the far right this week, seeking the support of suburban conservative voters who are stuck in the last millennium.  By saying he would remove bike lanes from arterial streets, and re-evaluate our rapid transit plan for Toronto, he was placing himself on a part of the political spectrum that has barely been seen for a couple of decades.

While conservative Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City has been installing amazing bikelanes throughout the Boroughs, Rossi is aligning himself with another brand of conservative that still believes in 1950s-style urban planning: accommodate an infinite amount of cars at any cost.  Rather than seeing our car-priority roads as an obstacle to green transportation like bikes and transit, he sees bikes and transit as an obstacle to cars. Someone should tell him about the finite characteristic of physical space. And about climate change.

Here’s hoping a few more weirdos run, to split the weirdo vote.  After all, there is a large weirdo vote in this city.  It elected Mel Lastman a couple of times.  If the weirdo vote splits as much as the progressive vote is splitting, we should be ok. Denzil? Rob? Karen? Michael T? We need you.


3 responses to “Rossi City

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  2. Bloomberg has also been removing bike lanes (well, one lane, but it’s one I use the most), to get re-elected. This city is awesome, but also a disaster.

  3. I feel much the same way about Victoria (this city is awesome but also a disaster). Oh, well, we have a new OCP coming down the pike. Let’s see what the Mayor is made of.

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