Keep Your Tweets Out of My Face (Book)

Hey folks,

I’ve started a new FaceGroup page.  If you want to see less TweetJunk on your wall, please join and spread the word!


We are fans of keeping Twitter Jargon (RT,@,#) off of Facebook. If you choose to participate in Twitter, that fine. But not everyone uses Twitter, you know. For many people, all your “RT”s and #hashtags and @so-and-so are just a bunch of gibberish. It’s like visiting your friends house, and leaving clutter on her coffee table. Or walking into a Polish Community Centre and making an announcement in Chinese.

It’s just rude, and weird.

CLARIFICATION: Tweets that do not contain TweetJunk (RT, @, #) are welcome on Facebook. It’s the jargon junk that clutters our world. Although, honestly, if we really want to see your Tweets we’re probably following you on Twitter!!  No need to repeat yourself.  Is there an echo in here?….

Join here!


3 responses to “Keep Your Tweets Out of My Face (Book)

  1. I don’t feed my tweets into fb, but I do think that hashtags are useful ways of referencing what you are talking about – and is something people should consider using in general:
    – subject lines of emails
    – fb status updates
    – fb groups
    – tweets
    – txt msgs
    – postit notes
    – graffiti
    – bathroom stalls
    – the sides of dirty cars
    – condensation on windows (all windows)
    – and so on

    They are very useful.

  2. What the fuck is a tweet? And why would I care? Anybody is free to post anything they want on my Facebook “wall” until I shut them down.

  3. Hashtags?

    Talk to me.

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