Colour by Numbers • Raising the Stakes


I’m very pleased, and thankful to my friends, to announce that I have raised $2,000 to sport a horseshoe moustache for a week.  All proceeds go the Stephen Lewis Foundation, as part of their “A Dare to Remember” campaign.

But really, let’s be honest.  What’s the big deal about having a moustache?  Lots of my friends have moustaches.  And though a horseshoe moustache does look quite awkward on a scrawny guy like me, surely we can think of a better ‘dare’ than that.

And so, I introduce you to Phase Two of my fundraising initiative.

If I raise an additional $1,500 I’ll dye my new moustache any colour you want.  That’s right.  YOU.  All donors will have a chance to vote online and choose the colour (using a ranked ballot course).  Whichever colour gets a majority of the votes wins!  Get it?  Colour by numbers. Haha.

What’s your choice?  Pink?  Purple?  If you don’t vote, you can’t complain later.  Make an online tax-deducible donation right now.  Click here. It’s easy.

And if you really want to get involved you can create your own dare too!

Horsehoe_Day 1


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