Introducing, the Choonie

I spent several hours on Canada Day participating in a brainstorm session hosted by my good friends at MASS LBP (they are a new company trying to re-shape the art of public consultation). The topic was the upcoming 150 year anniversary of Confederation, in 2017.  By planning in advance, how could we help make the celebrations relevant, constructive and meaningful?  We learned about the 1967 Centennial celebrations, which I knew little about.  It sounds like much of the ’67 events were quite interesting.  Decentralised, creative and progressive.  I had no idea how much public investment was made in the name of the anniversary (like Centennial Park, Centennial Road, Centennial College, and even those sidewalks with the Centennial stamp).

We talked about a variety of topics including energy consumption, natural resources,  immigration, and Canada’s First Nations (some of whom might not be feeling so celebratory about the ‘confederation’ of their land).

Somehow, the topic of the monarchy came up and it was surprising to see how much negativity their was in the room.  Perhaps 2017 would be a good year to send a handwritten note to Buckingham Palace that says  “Thanks for helping us set-up.  We’re gonna go off on our own now.  Cheerio.”

We talked about different reasons why the monarchy should stay or go, and one consistent concern was the fact that the Queen of England continues to appear on our currency.  You know, a lot of people think this is just foolish.  Instead of Elizabeth, we could celebrate home-grown celebrities, artists, leaders, or even random citizens (or their pets) on our currency.

But the greatest concern expressed wasn’t about the Queen, but about her son.  What happens when he takes the throne?  Will the face of Prince Charles adorn all of our currency?

Being a Photoshop nerd, I spent some time this week re-imagining our two dollar coin.  For your viewing pleasure, I present to you our future currency which will no doubt be referred to as the Choonie.



10 responses to “Introducing, the Choonie

  1. Hey Mez, can you do the same thing except with a host (eucharist) with Harper’s face on it? Or a timbit?

  2. I’ve never thought of that before. I can’t imagine Prince von Dorkington on our money. Something must be done.

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  4. Too funny, mez!! lol

  5. I am horrified at the thought of this…

  6. Okay, that’s just SCARY.

    The Canadian Dollar is worth little enough as it is… Charlie’s smiling face is NOT going to help things. :D

  7. But he’s unlikely to be King Charles – look how well the last two did. Let’s hope we’re rid of the useless bloody lot before then.

  8. I think the average Canadian is totally ambivalent towards the monarchy. We don’t particularly like it, but we don’t have strong enough feelings to actually change either. It doesn’t really affect us, so why bother changing.

    That is, of course, until old dork face here makes his appearance on our coins. If anything will motivate Canadians to rise up and ditch the monarchy, it will be Charles’ ugly mug.

  9. haha, great work and i just love the term ‘choonie’!!!!

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