DeMilo #1 • Darn those Supreme Leaders

I recently sent my Vice President of Business Development to a two-day conference called “How to Boost Traffic on Your Blog”.  Yesterday, she sent me this message:

“The consensus seems to be that the best way to attract new readers (other than porn) is to publish political cartoons that make outrageous comparisons.  That way, you get to make your point while also getting lots of comments (both angry and supportive) and spark a debate about political correctness while attracting a significant increase in blog hits.”

Happy Canada Day!  Here’s my new comic:

DeMilo #1


5 responses to “DeMilo #1 • Darn those Supreme Leaders

  1. thequantumbuddha

    … lol… lmao!

  2. Agreed. Not quite on the same scale and not as horrific but yeah Harper should go.

  3. Haha, that’s a rad comic.

  4. Totally. Happy Canada day. :)

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